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S.O.S. is your solution for part-time, project-specific, or temporary office needs.
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What are the advantages of using SOS?

What are the Rates?

How long has S.O.S. been in business?

What territory does S.O.S. cover?

What are the details of the S.O.S. referral program?

How do I contact S.O.S.?


Frequently Asked Questions

7 Advantages of Using S.O.S.


1 Flexible work location: Some clients prefer off-site because it frees up their office space and equipment.  Work can be done at your office or mine. There is a discount given for work done remotely.

Your time is too valuable to be spent doing paperwork:  Consider the rate you can bill your time at, and how many of those precious hours are wasted on administrative details that are not revenue-generating. Odds are that you could be more profitable by doing what you do best and contracting out the administrative details to an experienced office professional.


Networking:  I also see other local clients, and I promote all of my clients at every opportunity.


You pay for only what you need: I leave when the work is done, and we schedule more time when you need it. Since the workload dictates the schedule, every hour that you pay for is truly productive time.


No long-term commitments. We come to an agreement on scheduling based on your needs and my availability.


No interviewing for new staff every time you need a new project done: My skills are varied enough to cover most of your office needs.  If I don't know how to do it right, you can count on me to refer one of the specialists in my business solutions network who can.


I am a contractor, not an employee:  You pay the flat rate as agreed and that's all you pay.  It is a fact that the average employee carries between 18-35% burden in addition to their wages!

  Rates are negotiated on an individual basis; and can be arranged hourly or per project.  They vary depending on the complexity of your needs, your scheduling needs and your location, and are always very competive for the current market.  Contact Shawna to discuss your project and receive a quote.
How long has S.O.S. been in business?

S.O.S. has been operating independently since 2001, and has many happy customers. References are available upon request.

What territory does S.O.S. cover?
  Smith Office Solutions is located in La Mirada, California, (close to Knotts Berry Farm on the border between Los Angeles County and Orange County).  Work can be done remotely in my state-of-the-art digital facility (and you get a discount for work done remotely) or in your office in most of the Los Angeles and West Orange County area.  Contact Shawna to discuss specifics.
What are the details of the S.O.S. referral program?

When you have referred a client, send S.O.S. the client's contact info along with yours. When the new client's first payment is received by S.O.S., a $50 check is issued to you immediately. It's that simple!

This program was designed to aid S.O.S.'s expansion into SouthEast LA County and NorthWest Orange County, as well as clients anywhere in the U.S.A. who work remotely. If you would like to discuss more referral specifics, contact Shawna.

How do I contact S.O.S.?
  By E-mail:
  By Phone:  626-710-0444